I want people to find me.

I want to find people to play with.


take gaming a little more seriously

earn some money by being someone's 

coach - teammate - companion - carry - guide - trainer - entertainer - friend

Making money playing video games is nothing new.

Now you don't have to be a famous streamer or esports pro. 

Are you exceptionally good at a video game?

- Sign up as a coach and offer lessons. 

Have free to time to do daily quests and/or grind?

- Offer your time and get paid.


High ranked? Willing to carry someone?

- Some people need help getting out of elo hell.  

Are you a streamer? Want to be more efficient with your viewer/sub games?

- Let us help you schedule the games and make the most out of it. 

You're friendly, funny, or entertaining? Great conversationalist

- Sign up to play games as a companion. A lot of people are just looking to play for fun.

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